Teaching Philosophy 

Graduates must be complex problem-solvers and independent thinkers. My classes are not based on teaching what you should think. Rather, the focus is on discovering how you need to think to be successful.


In our globalised communication society, we need to be lifelong learners. The environment is rapidly changing, new theories and knowledge are constantly evolving, and we must never stop learning. We need to develop an understanding of how new knowledge is established, what constitute an argument and how to be critical of what we see, hear and read. 

Units taught

  • Digital Marketing

    •  Undergraduate, RMIT University

  • Global Marketing

    • Undergraduate, RMIT University

  • Digital Marketing

    • Undergraduate, Monash University

  • Social Media Marketing

    • Postgraduate, Monash University

  • International marketing

    • Undergraduate, Victoria University, Liaoning University (Shenyang, China), Central University of Finance & Economics (Beijing, China), Sunway College (Kuala Lumpur & Johor Bahru, Malaysia) and, Australia College of Kuwait (Kuwait City)

  • Global Marketing

    • Postgraduate, Victoria University

  • Marketing research

    • Undergraduate, Victoria University

  • International advertising

    • Postgraduate, RMIT University

  • The Marketing Concept

    • Undergraduate, Swinburne University

  • Marketing Innovation Management

    • Undergraduate, Swinburne University

  • Buyer Behaviour

    • Undergraduate, Swinburne University

Teaching Video Example:


Intro to Digital Marketing (Undergraduate, Monash University)